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Return Man 2

game review

In Return Man 2 on every stage, you have only 4 possessions to play with. Once you get tackled, you are going to lose a possession and you must try that level once again. In case you lose all the four possessions, it will end the game. There is no need to worry because each and every progress will be saved and, therefore, if you fail to win the game, you simply need to replay that particular stage that you completed previously and can move on.

Tips and Tricks to own at this game

Run to the yellow circle in the right time for catching the ball.

Get past the defenders using your fellow teammates for getting to the end zone. Keep an eye on the kicker. He is going to slow you down. In case you do not succeed in making it to the end zone, you are going to lose a possession.

Special moves are going to be unlocked to aid you to get down the field. While you play this game your progress will be saved at every single stage.

Controls of the Game

Press the K key to run backward

Press the I key to run forward

Press the L key to run right

Press the J key to run left

Press the spacebar key to continue playing

Press the M key for making the sound mute

Apart from all these basic controls, you’ll also be able to unlock special moves which will assist you to advance through every stage.

Press the A key for activating the Spin special move

Press the S key for activating the Speed Burst special move which is also called the Afterburner special move.

Press the D key for activating the Front Flip special move.

Enjoy playing this game at the Comfort of your Home !

Of all the various sports that share the ‘football’ classification, Return Man 2 union is one of the trickiest for newcomers to wrap their heads around thanks to a myriad of rules and complexities. While scoring points is the same logic as other forms of football—getting a ball across a try line or kicking a ball between goal posts—converting kick-off to try time involves a number of key set pieces.